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    What’s the deal with NLP?

    Machine learning. Artificial intelligence. Predictive analytics.      

    Scott’s Sales Tales: What Can Sales Pros Learn from a Hot Dog Eating Champ?

    For those that are new to the “Sales Tales,” we launched a series of posts here on the Zymewire...

    How the Heck to Find Your Way Around the Cell and Gene Therapy Space

    We know that the cell and gene therapy space is unique – and can be uniquely challenging to...

    On the Virtual Road: Sales Tales with Scott Ballenger - Positioning

    A few weeks ago, we launched a series of posts here on the Zymewire blog that encapsulate some...

    Your Digital Sales Research Assistant

    200+ Service companies in biotech and pharma employ Zymewire to increase sales by automagically coordinating their internal and external data.