The leading sales intelligence tool for biopharma service providers

Prospecting into biotech and pharma is challenging, time-consuming and absolutely essential.

High-performing sales teams rely on Zymewire to keep their pipeline full, so they can close
more deals and bring life-saving treatments to market

Close more deals with Zymewire

  1. Get real-time updates about companies you care about
  2. Segment your company list by over 120 data-points
  3. Reveal verified contact information
  4. Discover industry newcomers and stealth companies
  5. Integrate with Salesforce
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Better, not bigger.

Zymewire isn't just another legacy database product.

Instead of overwhelming you with shuttered companies, ancient clinical trials and outdated contact information, Zymewire is dedicated to uncovering brand new opportunities tailored to your specific offering.

Build your feed

Zero in on relevant signals based on therapeutic focus, drug delivery method and geographic region. You'll be notified whenever a new signal is published, so you can reach out before any of your competitors do.

Segment your list

Prioritize your targets based on 120 facets including cumulative funding, employee count, and number of drugs in a pipeline. Give yourself the best chance possible to your close your next deal.

Make your pitch

Reveal verified contact information for decision-makers. When you're equipped with timely, accurate sales intelligence, you can reach out with specific, individualized messaging that converts.

Access stealth companies
before anyone else

Zymewire is uniquely positioned to identify and surface new biotech and pharma companies, often before they launch a public website.

When you're among the first partners to reach out after company formation, you can build trusting relationships that
develop into long-term partnerships.

Company formation

Company formation documents often need to be disclosed, and Zymewire identifies new entities that might be of interest to you.

Grants and fundraising

Grants and fundraising information are key signals that a startup is emerging. Zymewire tracks biopharma fundraising activities. 

Public Launch & PR Campaigns

Zymewire's stealth company lists allow you to reach out before the traditional public launch, giving you a head-start on your competitors.

Early-stage research

Zymewire tracks and presents discovery and preclinical activities so you never miss an opportunity to engage with a prospect.

Never miss a sales signal with your
existing accounts

The best account managers in the world distinguish themselves by staying up-to-date on every important development relating to their clients. 

Zymewire helps you monitor key executive changes, track drug discovery and preclinical research, and know who is going to what conferences.

New preclinical research

These are the most powerful signals available for biopharma account managers. Knowing a client's future plans is a competitive advantage for any drug development partner.

Incoming Executives

New executive hires can represent a significant risk. Being among the first to congratulate and welcome a new executive can ensure continuity in times of uncertainty. 

Fundraising events

Tracking year-to-date and cumulative fundraising reveals when your clients are positioned to make new investments and create new partnership opportunities. 

Conference attendance

Biopharma industry conferences transition to in-person events, we see new opportunities to deepen existing relationships and reinforce longstanding partnerships.

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Elite sales teams prospect with Zymewire

What would your team's quarterly results looks like if you could consistently fill your pipeline? 

Whether you are focused on generating new logo business or expanding existing accounts, Zymewire can help you achieve sales targets that were previously out of reach.

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  • Access stealth biotech companies
  • Never miss a sales signal
  • Official Salesforce AppExchange partner

Our Clients

Serving over 350 clients, including the world's top CROs, CMOs and other service providers across biotech & pharma

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How Zymewire changes CDMO prospecting

"One of our biggest challenges in the past was relying on data sets that were not current, incomplete and irrelevant.

The more effective you can target a client in terms of your business outreach, the more effective your sales and business development process is going to be.

Zymewire is proving itself to be one of the most important tools in our toolkit."

VP, Business Development
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Never miss a sales signal

Can you afford to miss out on critical sales intelligence?

Zymewire uses proprietary AI backed by a dedicated Data Team to collect, analyze and filter tens of thousands of sales signals before presenting you with a tailored feed of actionable events.

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Custom built for biotech and pharma

We are obsessed with finding new ways to help your business generate more qualified leads. Our human-verified AI scans thousands of documents every day, separates the signal from the noise, and delivers value in the form of actionable sales intelligence.